Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, we does. we provide packing or rework cargo services such as wooden boxes, crates, pallets and we are serving with standard packing and types of goods.

the Customer can contact MIP even out of office hours. We try to serve customers who need our help every time especially related to deliveries at any time.

Shipment can be canceled if customers want to.

If there is a cancelation of the shipment of goods, all costs will be returned to the customer, minus the Void (cancellation) fees or costs incurred in the warehouse.

The Customer should take an Import Delivery Order (DO) Document by bringing the original or surrender's Bill of Lading (BL), a Letter of Duty or Power of Attorney if the taker is not the owner of the goods, Copy of ID card, Request for DO collection.

Maximum 1 day before the deadline which given for the shipment.

Yes, but the customer has to meet the terms and conditions that apply to MIP. Please contact our Marketing Staff regarding this matter further.

Basically, the MIP office is on holiday following the Government holiday rules, however, as much as possible operational activities that must run will continue and be properly monitored.

There are several levels of Dangerous Goods (DG) that we can handle, depending on the standard rules of the conveyance. And it can be checked through our Customer Service Staff by phone or email.

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